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Title Page
Chapter 1  General Provisions
Article I: Adoption of Code
Article II: Legislation Enacted During Codification
Chapter 5  Assessments
Chapter 15  Ethics, Code Of
Chapter 21  Floodplain Management Coordination
Chapter 28  Officers and Employees
Article I: Defense and Indemnification
Article II: Duties
Chapter 52  Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 67  Building Construction and Fire Prevention
Article I: Building Permits; Certificates of Occupancy
Article II: Administration and Enforcement of Standards
Chapter 68  Property and Building Nuisance Reform
Article I: Purpose, Terminology and Presumptions
Article II: Remedies
Chapter 76  Curfew
Article I: General
Chapter 80  Dogs and Other Animals
Article I: Farm Animals
Article II: Dogs Running At Large
Article III: Control of Dogs
Chapter 82  Dumps; Junkyards
Chapter 85  Environmental Quality Review
Chapter 89  Freedom Of Information Law
Chapter 90  Firearms and Explosives
Article I: Explosive Materials
Article II: Air Rifles and BB Guns
Chapter 93  Fire Protection
Article I: Open Burning; Interference; Fire Limits
Article II: Fire Hydrants
Chapter 98  Floodplains
Chapter 104  Games of Chance
Chapter 107  Garbage, Rubbish, Refuse and Recyclables
Article I: General Regulations
Chapter 112  Handbills and Posters
Chapter 115  Hawking, Peddling, and Soliciting
Chapter 126  Littering
Chapter 143  Peace and Good Order
Article I: Loitering; Public Assemblies; Noisy Behavior
Article II: Dance Halls; Theaters
Article III: Persons Disturbing the Peace
Article IV: Gambling Horses
Article V: Tampering With Public Property
Chapter 147  Performances and Entertainment, Public
Chapter 157  Sewers
Article I: Private Systems
158 - SEX OFFENDERS  Sex Offenders
Chapter 108  Zoning Map
Chapter 170  Liability of the Village in Certain Actions
Chapter 159  Signs
Chapter 162  Snow and Ice
Chapter 168  Streets and Sidewalks
Article I: Construction Requirements
Article II: Street Trees
Article III: Projections Over Streets and Sidewalks
Article IV: Excavations
Article V: Playing in Streets
Article VI: Sidewalks Maintenance
Article VII: Construction Approval
Article VIII: Speed Limits
Chapter 173  Swimming Pools
Chapter 177  Taxation
Article I: Senior Citizens Tax Exemption
Chapter 182  Trailers and Trailer Parks
Article I: Variances
Article II: Definitions
Article III: Parking Outside Trailer Parks
Article IV: Licenses for Trailer Parks
Article V: Trailer Park Development Standards
Article VI: Operation of Trailer Parks
Article VII: License Fees; Term of License
Article VIII: Penalties for Offenses; Complaints
Chapter 188  Vehicles and Traffic
Article I: General Provisions
Article II: Traffic Regulations
Article III: Parking, Standing, and Stopping
Article IV: Removal and Storage of Vehicles
Article V: Miscellaneous Provisions
Article VI: Schedules
Chapter 190  Vehicles, Inoperative
Chapter 194  Water
Chapter 197  Weeds, Grass, and Objectionable Vegetation
Chapter 200  Zoning
Article I: Title; Definitions
Article II: Establishment of Districts
Article III: RA Residence Districts
Article IV: RB Residence District
Article IV-1: RA/C Residence/Commercial Transition District
Article V: C Commercial Districts
Article V-A: CD Commercial Districts
Article VI: I Industrial Districts
Article VII: Supplementary Regulations
Article VIII: Nonconforming Uses and Buildings
Article IX: Administration
Article X: Board of Appeals
Article X.A: Planning Board
Article XI: Amendments; Penalties for Offenses
Article XII: Special Permit
Chapter A205  Public Property, Use of
Article I: Community House
Appendix B  Listing of Fees and Permits
Appendix C  Listing of Fines