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Listing of Fines


             The following is a list of the specific fines and penalty amounts found in the various chapters of this Village Code.  Consult appropriate chapters for regulations associated with the payment of such fees.


Code Chapter, Article                             Offenses                                                                   Fine Amount

              or Section


Ch. 52, Alcoholic Beverages

              52-6                                  Offense against provisions of chapter                   $250.00


Ch. 67, Bldg, Const.& Fire


              67-9                                  Offense against provisions of chapter                   Not to exceed $250.00


              67-18                                 Failure to comply with a written

                                                       order of the Code Enforcement Officer    

                                                       Fine up to $250.00


Ch. 80, Dogs & Other Animals           

              80-1                                   Violation of more than 5 days after notice           Fine up to $250.00

                                                        of violation (plus each day after having

                                                        its own fine)


              80-2                                   Failure to remove, abate, or clean an unfit           Fine up to $250.00

                                                       stable 24 hours after written notice         

                                                       (plus each day after having its own fine)


              80-3                                  Owning one or more vicious dogs and                $250.00 for first offense

                                                       failing to secure it/them                                   $500.00 for each                                                                                                                        subsequent offense


Ch. 82, Dumps; Junkyards

             82-4                                   Violation of the provisions of the chapter                $250.00


Ch. 90, Firearms & Explosives

             90-3                                   Violation: Use of air rifles of BB guns                     $250.00


             90-4                                   Violation of provisions of the Article                       $250.00

                                                       (using explosive materials)                                   


Ch. 93, Fire Protection                       

             93-1                                    Penalty for offense of open burning and                   $250.00

                                                        provisions of Article                                           


             93-7                                   Violation of Article II re- Fire Hydrants                     $250.00


Ch. 104, Games of Chance

             104-8                                 Violation of any provision for the

                                                        required license                                                  $1,000.00


Ch. 107, Garbage, Rubbish,

  & Refuse

             107-9                                 Violation of any provision of Article I                  $250.00

                                                       (General regulations)


            107-12                                Violation of any provision                                $250.00 for each and

                                                       (Procedures for offenses)                              every offense




Ch. 112, Handbills & Posters

            112-1                                   Removal or Defacement of Village                       $250.00

                                                        Notices and Ordinances               


            112-2                                  Failure to get permission required for                    $250.00



Ch. 126, Littering

            126-2                                 Penalty for littering                                             $25.00 each                                                                                                                         violation of Chapter


Ch. 143, Peace and Good


            143-3                                Violation of Article I (Loitering, Public                     $250.00

                                                     Assemblies; Noisy Behavior)                      


            143-5                                Violation of Article II (Dance Halls;                         $250.00



            143-6                                Violation of Article III (Persons Disturbing                 $250.00

                                                      the Peace)                                                 


            143-8                                Violation of Article IV (Gambling Houses)                  $250.00


            143-10                              Violation of Article V (Tampering with                       $250.00

                                                      Public Property)                


Ch. 147, Performances &


            147-2                                Violation of any provision in the chapter             $100.00 for each performance


Ch. 159, Signs (Public)

            159-5                                Violation of any provision in the chapter             $250.00


Ch. 162, Snow & Ice               

            162-5                                Violation of any provision in the chapter             $250.00


Ch. 168, Streets & Sidewalks   

            168-6                                Violation of Article III (Projections Over              $250.00

                                                     Streets and Sidewalks                                                          


            168-7                                 Failure to get written permit to dig up any          $250.00

                                                      street (Mayor or Board of Trustees)                      


            168-10                              Violation of Article VI (Sidewalk                          $250.00



            168-12                              Violation of Article VII (Construction                    $250.00



            168-14                              Violation of any provision in the chapter               $250.00


Ch. 173, Swimming Pools       

            173-4                                Violation of any provision in the chapter               $250.00


Ch. 177, Taxation

            177-4                                Any conviction of having made willful                   $250.00

                                                and False statements in the application for     

                                                disqualification of the Tax Exemption

                                                Applicant(s) from further exemption for

                                                five years



Ch. 182, Trailers and

  Trailer Parks

            182-26                             Any violation of the chapter is a misdemeanor        $250.00


Ch. 188, Vehicles and


           188-17.1                         Every person convicted of a handicapped        Not less than $50 nor                                                    parking violation                                         more than $75 for the                                                                                                                  first offense and not                                                                                                                   less than $75 nor more                                                                                                                than $150 for the offense                                                                                                              occurring within a period                                                                                                             of 2 years within the Village.


            188-27.2                          Every person convicted of a parking, standing,        $10.00, increasing to                                                                                                                                                                                           or stopping violation in Article III                          $20.00, if not paid                                                                                                                          within 15 days,                                                                                                                       increasing to $40.00,                                                                                                                       if not paid within                                                                                                                            30 days.


            188-29                            Storage charges                                                 Not to exceed $50.00


            188-31 (a)                       Every person convicted of a traffic infraction            $50.00

                                                for a violation of any provision in the chapter


            188-31(b)                       Any person convicted of a traffic infraction                $50.00

                                                for any violation of the chapter not a

                                                violation of the Vehicle & Traffic Law


Ch. 190, Vehicles, Inoperable  

            190-14                            A violation of this chapter                                   $250.00 and is also                                                                                                                      subject to a civil                                                                                                                          penalty of $100.00


Ch. 194, Water

            194-2                              Failure to get permission to tap or connect              $250.00

                                                  to a main distribution water pipe


            194-26                            Failure to pay water bill within 30 days                  10% added at the end of                                                                                                                30 days and after 30                                                                                                                     more days a written                                                                                                                     notice of additional                                                                                                                   15 days then re-levied                                                                                                                  with a $25.00 charge


            194-29                           Any person other than authorized personnel                 $250.00

                                                   interfering with any water valve                   


            194-30                          Any person obstructing a valve                                   $250.00


Ch.197, Weeds, Grass and

Objectionable Vegetation

            197-3   Violation of the provisions                 1st offense - $150.00 of the chapter                                                                                                              

                                                                           2nd offense – (within the same

                                                                                                Calendar year)  -  $300

                                                                           3rd offense  -  (within the same

                                                                                                 Calendar year)  -  $450



Ch. 200, Zoning                          


 200-54           Any violation of this chapter                                       $250.00 and each week’s                                                                                                               continued violation shall constitute a                                                                                               separate additional violation

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