Chapter 159


§ 159-1. Compliance with standards required. 
§ 159-2. Signs in residential districts. 
§ 159-3. Signs in commercial and industrial districts. 
§ 159-4. Illumination of signs.
§ 159-5. Penalties for offenses. 

[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Windsor 7-25-7 as Section 6 of Article XVII of 1967 Ordinance Book. Section 159-5 added at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I. Other amendments noted where applicable.]


Zoning – See Ch. 200.

§ 159-1. Compliance with standards required. 

No billboard, poster, panel, advertising sign or display sign shall be erected or maintained in any district except as hereinafter provided.

§ 159-2. Signs in residential districts. 

A. In residential districts, no advertising or professional sign or structure, etc., will be permitted except:
(1) One (1) small announcement or professional sign not to exceed two (2) square feet in area may be erected only in connection with a
customary home occupation permitted in such district or districts.
(2) One (1) sign for each tourist home, not to exceed three (3) square feet in area, may be erected where permitted in such districts.
(3) One (1) sign not to exceed six (6) square feet stating that the real property or a part thereof upon which said sign is located is for sale or rent.
(4) One (1) sign for each church or institutional building, not to exceed sixteen (16) square feet in area, may be erected where permitted in such districts.
B. The signs or bulletin boards listed above shall be set back from the street line one-third (1/3) the distance of any required yard but shall in no instance be closer than eight (8) feet to any lot line.

§ 159-3. Signs in commercial and industrial districts. 

Within C Commercial and I Industrial Districts, only one (1) such single-faced or double-faced billboard, display sign, etc., shall be allowed on any building lot, and it shall:
A. Not exceed one (1) square foot for every two (2) linear feet of street frontage on any lot upon which said billboard or display sign is located; but in no case shall any such billboard or display sign exceed three hundred (300) square feet in usable display area.
B. Be located twenty-five (25) feet or more from any street or highway right of-way line and shall be three (3) feet or more clear above the ground, and shall be ten (10) feet or more from any lot line.
C. Not exceed a height of twenty-three (23) feet above the ground.
D. Be located at least three hundred (300) feet or more from any public school, public park or playground, hospital, church or other similar places of public assembly.
E. Be located in such a manner so as not to be in the same line of vision as traffic control signals; if for some reason this alignment is not possible, no red, green or amber illumination or reflection shall be permitted.
F. Be maintained by the owner or lessee to the satisfaction of the ordinance administrator or any other designated official.

§ 159-4. Illumination of signs.

Within any district where a billboard, poster, panel, advertising sign, display sign, etc., is permitted, the illumination of such sign shall be non-flashing, indirect or diffused and shall be so constructed so that the illumination shall not shine or reflect light into adjacent properties.

§ 159-5. Penalties for offenses.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be liable to a penalty set forth in Appendix C of the Code of the Village of Windsor containing the list of Fines and Penalties for the Village or fifteen (15) days imprisonment, or both.*

*Editor’s Note: Amended 9/4/2001; L.L.#5-2001