Chapter A205


Community House

§ A205-1. Fees for use.
§ A205-2 Regulations governing use.

[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Windsor: Art. I, 7-25-67 as part of 1967 Ordinance Book. Amendments noted where applicable.]

Community House

§ A205-1. Fees for use.
The fees for the use of the Community House shall be as follows:
A. Ten dollars ($10.) for profit making projects, if gross receipts are less than fifty dollars ($50.)
B. Twenty-five dollars ($25.) for profitmaking projects, if gross receipts are fifty dollars ($50.) or above.
C. Thirty-five dollars ($50.) for profitmaking parties or receptions.
D. No charge for non-profit use by community organizations Additionally, a cash deposit of one-hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be submitted to the Village Clerk to guarantee that the Community House will be properly cleaned up after the event and that no damage has been caused thereto by the applicant. Said deposit shall be refunded to the applicant after determination of damage and cleanup by the Village.

§ A205-2. Regulations governing use.
A. The building is not to be used for an unsupervised play area.
B. The facilities in this building are to be used as those in one’s own home.
C. Please leave rooms you use in as good or better order than they were found.
D. Use downstairs only. The upstairs is for library use only.
E. Remove boxes and papers, do not pile on furniture.
F. The person in charge of each group is responsible for rooms used by them.
G. The use of alcoholic beverages on the premises is prohibited.